A downloadable game for Windows

Development will continue when CherryBomb is done

In 'Rpg' you are a kid(not a hero), without a name(you'll choose one later) that's not on a quest to save the world.

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If you notice a bug, please report what it is, what version, and how to trigger it in the comments.

Trying to update (at least) weekly!!

Most website images are not updated to correct version yet

Info Update 0.1.0(11/30/16)

Expect slow (if any) updates over the next couple of weeks.

Following are some planned features for the next couple of updates in no particular order.
Please note: These are NOT final to be worked on for the next update, things may change.

  • Fixing damage text not showing the correct number when multiple notifications are on screen
  • Basics of Inventory interaction
    • Picking up items
    • Putting picked up items in Item Bar
    • Moving items around in the inventory
    • Putting different spells in Spell Bar
  • Stopping movement when using Heal Spell
  • Animation for Heal Spell
  • Add Items into the game
  • More Weapons
  • More Spells
  • Creating more of the map
  • Some sort of tutorial(No one likes reading documents)

RPG 0.4.18(11/25/16)

  • New wolf enemy(unfinished)
  • Enemies and player flash red when hurt
  • Added damage particles
  • Added text when you get expr
  • Fixed some sound effects

RPG 0.4.15(11/19/16)

  • Added fire burst Spell animation
  • Added acid burst Spell animation
  • Added variable sound effects
  • Added to be able to see more info on Spells in inventory(hover & right click)
  • Added limit to how far Spell stats can upgrade
  • Changed heal stats
  • Changed fire burst stats
  • Changed acid burst stats
  • Finally fixed not being able to move when interacting with signs

RPG 0.4.10c(11/13/16)

  • Fixed sound effects not playing at the right time
  • Fixed Spells not hitting enemies

RPG 0.4.10b(11/13/16)

  • Fixed some particle glitches
  • Changed Acid Spell stats

RPG 0.4.10a(11/12/16)

  • Added new Acid Spell
  • Added info boxes for Spells
  • Lots of new sound effects!
  • Working on more Spell icons
  • Changed the pause menu
  • Changed how changing Items and Spells works
  • Revamped some inventory tabs

RPG 0.4.6(11/6/16)

  • Finished particles for magic
  • Added Inventory tabs
  • Added Dash cool-down
  • Added switching spells and items(cannot pickup items yet)
  • Added a stamina cost for using Spells
  • Added a new Spell
  • Working on a new place East of the river and North of the shop
  • Changed Damage & Level up text to be sharper

RPG 0.4.0(11/2/16)

  • Some more sounds(menu and attacking)
  • New attack animation
  • Couple new weapons to swap with and try out!
  • Beginnings of Magic
  • Started Inventory GUI
  • Damage numbers when enemy/player hurt
  • Damage bar when enemy's hurt
  • "Level up!" notification

Have fun mah doods! =D

More information

Published203 days ago
StatusOn hold
Tags16-bit, 2D, Fantasy, rpg, weird
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

-- Right click zipped folder

-- Click on "Extract All..."

-- Wait for it to extract......

-- Once it's done extracting it'll open up the folder

-- Open & read the controls file(only if you want to)

-- Close the controls file(if you opened it)

-- Double left click the 'Rpg' application

-- Enjoy!


WINDOWS_Rpg.0.4.18.zip (12 MB)

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