A downloadable game for Windows

In 'Rpg' you are a kid(not a hero), without a name(you'll choose one later) that's not on a quest to save the world.

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Info Update 0.2.0(6/23/17)

I took a long break from working on RPG to work on other random projects, participate in Ludum Dare(https://captainquantumelephantman.itch.io/creatator), and learn a lot more about GameMaker, but I'm finally back to work on RPG!! If you check my twitter you can see that there's a lot of work to get done before I can even start adding new features. You can check the (not complete) RoadMap to see what I have planned for RPG.

RPG 0.4.18(11/25/16)

  • New wolf enemy(unfinished)
  • Enemies and player flash red when hurt
  • Added damage particles
  • Added text when you get expr
  • Fixed some sound effects

If you notice a bug, please report what it is, what version, and how to trigger it in the comments.

Website images are not updated to correct version yet

Have fun mah doods! =D

Install instructions

-- Right click zipped folder

-- Click on "Extract All..."

-- Wait for it to extract......

-- Once it's done extracting it'll open up the folder

-- Open & read the controls file(only if you want to)

-- Close the controls file(if you opened it)

-- Double left click the 'Rpg' application

-- Enjoy!


WINDOWS_Rpg.0.4.18.zip 12 MB


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press u = level up

what the heck r the controls and stuff.

Hey there, I have a question for you if you don't mind: Would you allow me to playtest and report some bugs (if existing) for you? It happens that I'm a novice game tester, and I'm looking for some places/games where to train my testing skills and stuff