A downloadable game for Windows


- Earn a living by taking dog sitting jobs in this pet care simulator! Use your phone to take jobs, buy stuff for the pets, pay bills and even listen to music!

- Make sure that your dogs are not hungry and are happy. Make sure to clean up after them by dragging their poos to the trash or they will get sick.

- The more pets you sit, the crazier the dogs will be and the longer you'll have to watch them for.

- Make sure the dog's have beds or they'll get sad.

- Pulling your hair out with dogs running everywhere? Put one or two on beds to have them sit still. Don't have them sit for too long though or they'll start to get sad.


(Made the game actually playable)

- When you pay the phone bill it resets the time like its supposed to

- Lightened the hunger bar so you can see it at night

- Notifications not following the phone

- Fixed notifications still being seen when the phone is off

- Not being able to pick up poo sometimes

- Buy sound not playing when spamming the button

- Fixed multiple game breaking glitches


- In game, make sure to read the Help app!


- Skyward  : Game, Music, SFX
- ZDoctor : Music
- JinJou : Music


Pet Watch LD40.zip 7 MB
Pet Watch v1.1 - LD40.zip 7 MB

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