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== Description ==

  • Be the Dominate fruit by blowing up all other fruit with your Bazooka.

== Meet the fruit ==

  • Bananas are very happy fruit. They are very content with their life of walking around aimlessly.
  • Oranges skip around randomly.
  • Strawberries are alway practicing the 'moon walk' but sometimes they'll mess up.
  • Olives are warrior fruit. They patrol around searching for a certain someone with a bazooka. Be careful with your shots though because if you shoot at them they'll try to dodge your missiles. They protect their land with swords, (bows, and ninjas. Their leader has marked itself with a blue sash on it's sword so the warriors know who to follow. The warriors will try to follow their leader in packs.)
  • Eggplants are helper fruit. You can ride these creatures to traverse the world faster. Be careful though because if you shoot it (or you get swarmed by olives) it can die.
  • (Pineapples)
  • (Pears)
  • (Beets)

(Things in italics and parenthesis have not been added yet)

== Changelog ==


  • Removed Eggplant being able to die from explosions
  • Added Broccoli (I know that's not a fruit. You'll understand if you play the game)
  • Finished the arena map
  • Changed the GUI for the amount of fruit left
  • Finished some textures


  • Eggplant can now die
  • Can now skip to end of text pages
  • Fixed particle glitch


  • Initial Release

== Info ==

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== Credits ==

  • Inspiration & Ideas : EmsPawprint
  • Concept Art & Ideas : Jin Jou
  • Programming & Art : Captain Quantum Elephant Man

StatusIn development
Release date Feb 18, 2017
TagsAction-Adventure, Arcade, Experimental
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, RoadMap

Install instructions

  1. Click the blue DOWNLOAD button
  2. Drag the compressed folder onto your desktop or where ever you'd like it
  3. Right click on the compressed folder
  4. Left click on "Extract All..."
  5. Choose where you want to extract the folder and click "Extract"
  6. Click into the CherryBomb (version number) PUBLIC folder
  7. Click into the CherryBomb (version number) folder
  8. Open CherryBomb (version number).exe
  9. ENJOY

TL;DR: download, extract, read the controls, play, enjoy


CherryBomb v0.2.0 PUBLIC.zip 2 MB

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